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Pam C.

I love this yoga studio, I go to classes here regularly. I just finished my 200-hour Teacher Training Progam, and it was great! I feel stronger, calmer, and well prepared to teach yoga in several styles - including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative. This teacher training was rich in experiences that uniquely prepared me to teach, and the nine-month time frame allowed plenty of time for material to sink in, to discuss readings with our group, and for the teachers to mentor me in my own personal practice. The monthly pranayama and meditation plans deepened my personal practice to a surprising degree, and the many months to practice the different styles of yoga left me feeling confident and prepared physically to teach. Every month we got to teach and received feedback - not just from the teachers, but also from the other students. So you really learn what works and doesn't work for a wide range of people, work with a wide range of bodies, learn many modifications and safety techniques, and see many styles of teaching - coming away with many approaches to enrich your own teaching.

Heather L.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and all the exciting things you are teaching me in such fun and enjoyable ways with so many unique and creative tools. I never thought I would enjoy learning so much! I can tell I am gaining more confidence every day and so can my family and friends. That’s a great feeling. I understand with patience and devotion it will come and my fear will continue to be less and less so I can let go and continue to keep moving on.

Graise L. 

Dharma!  Thank you so much!!   I just wanted to let you know – that I listened to the Yoga Nidra CD – 10 times during labor to help me sleep and keep me calm. It was the best!!

Lisa B. 

I just have to tell you I feel absolutely AMAZING!!! I wish everyone could feel as awesome as I do right now!!! I feel so at peace, it's crazy and one of the best feelings ever!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! What a release!!!!

Shana D.

The studio co-owner, Dharma, gives classes that are infused with a sincere, understated yet wonderfully authentic spirituality. It is a small but expanding space tucked away on the second floor of a historic building (my elderly neighbor went there to the dentist when she was a girl). When you practice balancing poses, the slight tilt of the hardwood floor will challenge you, but the calming, filtered light on the purple walls will bring you back to your bliss.

Holly B.

Great studio! Love the teachers and the classes. Challenging and fun!

Meadow D.

A warm and welcoming space with fantastic teachers!

Lisa R.

I can’t thank you enough for the amount of time you had spent with me and making me feel welcome.  You are such a great giving person, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me.  I now also understand more when you use the term love and light, it now has a meaning to me that I can understand.  You are such a great positive influence to me!!!!  That means more than you could imagine.

Elizabeth C.

I really am so glad I found your studio. I always feel so good when I’m there. In conjunction with your thoughtful Mindful Muse exercises, I’m continuing to bring that peace into my home. Layering on rituals a little bit at a time… Once again, thank you for sharing your little piece of paradise.

Patricia E.

I am very grateful that my mom found you, your studio, your teaching…”when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” She clearly has developed a level of trust with you and your teaching to allow herself that all-important guidance on the inward journey. I’m sure she has expressed her appreciation to you in that regard, but I also wanted to let you know how much of a positive impact your teaching has made in her life. It is good to be reminded that your efforts make a big difference! 

Krista S.

You have NO idea the great energy that comes from your studio or your teachers including yourself. If it wasn’t for my demanding work schedule I would LOVE to be there every day!!! I love the environment you have created, and you are amazing!!!!!! You truly are. You have changed my life for the better and the way I think of things. It is a process but with your help, I am really working on being a better person, and of course, working on my asanas.

Mary D.

When I first came to your yoga class last year, I was weak and rather fragile. Immediately your grace and compassion reached out to me. Thank you for sharing your yoga practice in such a gentle and beautiful way. Healing has come as I’ve stretched my body, mind, and spirit. Namaste.